About Us


To understand who we are it is best to start by reading our mission statement..

Our Mission: To honour and share the knowledge and harmony of the land.

Wild Wood Ways has been set up to raise funds to buy a piece of land, preferably wooded, on the Isle of Wight. When we aquire this land we aim to get full use out of it, but at the same time actively preserve it’s natural balance for future generations. Our land will be used as both an educational and a spiritual resource.

Our Earth is an amazing and possibly a unique place. If we use resources with little thought of the future we can upset a delicate balance which will greatly effect future generations. We wish to help people understand that by living a life which is sensitive to our environment we can live a rich life AND pass all this beauty and wonder to our children. Our aim is to promote ways in which we can live in harmony with the land. We are as willing to learn from others as we are to teach.

As a group Wild Wood Ways will welcome ANY like minded people or groups, regardless of race or religion. We only ask that you are respectful to each other and to the Earth.

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