May 162010


by Mitch

Within the vastly huge area of the ancient Parkhurst Forest on the Isle of Wight, there lies a secret. It is a tiny copse within a huge area of deciduous and evergreens. The secret will be revealed to those who hear the trees talking, guiding and cajoling them towards a little miracle that is as huge as the biggest ocean.

The text books will tell you that beech and oak, in many aspects, grow differently, at vastly different rates and are not at all compatible. But then this was written by the hand of man, who has himself grown so far away from the Mother’s heartbeat, as to be deaf as well as blind. He only has his opinions left! Perceptions that can be dissolved in the blinking of an eye.

And in the blinking of an eye, this little beech and oak copse handed up a miracle of loving union, that at once stills the “monkey brain”, opens the heart chakra and definitely brings a lump to the throat chakra. It is simply beautiful.

For the oak and beech, these two old trees, the mother and father of all the small and growing beech and oak in this copse, have joined together, psychically, at root and branch, intertwining, wrapping their branches around each other in the most beautiful embrace I have ever witnessed. It is breathtaking what these two have accomplished.

Like the seahorse, who spend hours in loving ritual, and will alter their psychical appearance to blend in with their partner, these two “incompatible” trees have changed themselves to unite together, forever! The oak has grown to envelope the beech branch and she has grown to support a huge oak branch in a v shape, that holds their union in a strong grasp.

There is a small gap in between these two, just enough for an average human to join the party, for a little while. We travel so fast through their world, we are like flashes of colour speeding past them. It is to our detriment that we ignore them. They wish us to stop and stand still, slow our heart and minds to link in with theirs. For they have never abandoned their contract, their guardianship of us humans. It is we that abandoned them.

If you ask permission you can stand a while with them. As you stand in the gap between these two lover trees, the most powerful healing energy comes around you.

And a teaching :

In our human world, woman and man are destined to be in union, better loving than in hate. But as we are now, more violent damage is being done to woman and also to man, every single day, in most parts of the world. Children are permanently harmed, and destined to repeat the pattern.

Imagine that we married for at least two hundred years! With no get out clauses. We all celebrate those rare couples who make it to their platinum celebration. Somewhere inside of most of us , there is the great desire to achieve that kind of loyalty, commitment and especially devotion.

Devotion to each other, is what the oak and beech are teaching anyone who visits them. To hear the heartbeat of a tree is to know they are conscious, living, sentient beings, who see us and want us to know them also.

It was in this gap, between these two trees, that the Wihtyar essence was laid with pure island spring water and a rare island turtle fossil, the very oldest crystal of the Earth. And this essence bubbled with energy when the time came to bottle and preserve. Hanging essences in the branches were also laid to keep the sacred hoop of tree energy intact.

As you walk on a little way you will see the children of the oak and beech, all around you. Much younger trees have grown together, root and branch, as if the very seed, borne by the birds and squirrels, carry the gene pattern of union.

“Do not walk past our children”: these words came in very strong. And the next teaching became clear:

This little copse was an extended family. Just like humans, the trees are a community. A huge living breathing loving entity. And there are children, with young energy, but older wisdom.

An essence was made with the younger oak and beech trees, for our children, who need healing from the ravishes human adults reap upon them.

The trees are teaching that full comprehensive healing is there for the asking: but we do need to ask!

Blessed be


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