May 272010

WELCOME to the online home of Wild Wood Ways, a project established on the Isle of Wight, UK, for the benefit of all those who honour the Earth and the natural world.

Our Mission: To honour and share the knowledge and harmony of the land

For a number of years, many Islanders have dreamed of having a plot of land, preferably with some woodland and perhaps even a stream or spring, on which to celebrate the turning of the seasons in their own way, in harmony with the natural world and its rhythms.

Another key motivation is to preserve at least some small part of the Island’s unique natural beauty in perpetuity from the demands and ravages of an ever-growing population.

But perhaps the most important objective of all is to be able to set aside and care for a natural Island environment in which to offer education and teaching, to adults as well as to our children, in the ways of the natural world and in the arts and crafts of our ancestors and elders, to bring a new appreciation of all the many delights and joys the natural world has to offer, to future generations and to our contemporaries, who have sadly now become so detached and insulated from the Old Ways through the conveniences and demands of modern living.

Now a small team has been formed with the long-term aim of bringing this dream to fruition, with the help and support of a large and diverse band of friends and like-minded people.

This is Wild Wood Ways.

Please bookmark this page and return often to follow the further development of this site and keep up to date with the fun, intriguing and useful events we are organising.

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