Dec 072010

THE second edition of Wild Wood Ways’ ‘ad hoc’ Duir magazine is now available, with a whole new eclectic collection of articles to inform and entertain. Volume 2 follows the same format as the first, but contains new and original content we are sure will be enjoyed by all who embrace the Wild Wood Ways ethic and ideals.

The title word, ‘Duir’, represents the letter D in the ancient Ogham tree alphabet and is associated with the oak, favoured grove tree of the ancient Druids, which supports more life in and on it than any other tree. As a living ecosystem in itself, this is a fine symbol of what Wild Wood Ways stands for.

The second volume features articles on the oak, the nature of paganism and of Druidry, sacred waters, the hare in Island history, and the tale of the Pan Pit fairies, as well as a special article about Island musician Joe Caudwell, who not only plays his own instruments but also makes them.

This issue is for sale at £1.95 while stocks last.

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